04 October 2015


Well, it ain’t over yet - and Twickenham is blest 
with a Wallabies display that’s up there - where 
Michael Cheika prays to a brazen Moon; and if 
it takes a year for th’ English to get a message,
or deny ever being there - there’s still a quarter 
of the game to go; of course His Indolence, the 
referee, Romaine Poite - has some say in what 
potentially comes next - & with due deference 

But it is rugby; the Poms stand the ignominy of 
being eliminated from the final if they loose - & 
as RWC host Nation, that’ll be hard to handle - 
with, in any language, their bellicose attitude to 
blame, so we’ll say see ya, at 33 - 13 we’re on 
our way to a World Cup final mate

© 4 October 2015, I. D. Carswell

03 October 2015

Old Excuses

If the factions of Islam could agree on a rational  
discourse implicit against the deranged internal 
disagreements that separate them, then there’d 
be less discontent materialised as hatred of the 
West; why you say, its been that way for years - 
since The Crusades for heavens sake, so I rest 
my case, we’d need more of history and less of 
the evasion in their explanation of that reality … 

They use The Infidel to excuse their inability to 
reach any form of factional agreement - having 
unanimously agreed enemies is convenient for 
radicals too, although they don’t follow precept 
except to the letters of their leader’s professed 
radicalised dictates - we will kill all in our way 

It is a sad case when radicalised minorities rule 
the ‘public face’ of what might be great religious 
experience; sadder too for moderates who’ve a 
common-sense view of ecumenical actuality - if 
there’s a way to the future its in abasing a past 
that didn’t make any way for consensus ideas 

© 8 April April 2015, I. D. Carswell

02 October 2015


The scheme is to reinvent ‘flavours’ of a golden 
age - breakfast as it was meant be; & tastebuds 
have to agree nothing changed too much to that 
easy-peasy-buttered-toast uniqueness, with the 
salutary dab of Vegemite, a smidgen of honey & 
creme de la creme of peanut paste (yeah OK,
know we call it butter - but I won’t waste words 
in defence of unsophisticated, traditional ways) 

And riding waves of gustatory recall - swirling a 
cup of milk-and-sugared tea around the molars, 
cleaning reflectively before a compulsory ‘tooth-
brushing’, and then accompanied by mint-fresh 
teeth ushered unconscionably out the door and 
off to School - where reverie irrevocably ends 

© 12 May 2015, I. D. Carswell

01 October 2015


Letting things be came quietly - not from a raucous 
debate on Nature’s way & hardly relevant in a case 
we’re seeing first hand - more a residue of the droll 
belief humans do better; as they say, you wait long 
enough - haply a couple of millennia, and evidence 
of homo-sapiens fades to a quirky hubris you’d see 
as extraneousness if you’re not too self-centred, & 
that you’d only accuse Nature of metaphorically 

Who came first - if ‘who’ is relevant to what birthed 
this egocentric race of human indolence; evidence 
suggests we came after ‘chemical’ stew produced 
most everything else - yet our intransigence is still 
that of supreme, self-belief - until Nature diligently 
repairs it, which, so far, she’s always done quietly 

© 8 May 2015, I. D. Carswell

30 September 2015

Good Grace


Its just a picture not a sworn statement notarised 
by the late-great yet confides a state of mind the 
place bestows; there’s a detente here, fenced in 
cosily with their freedom to wander where mood 
migrates and food for thought mitigates any ‘shit- 
shovelling’ ideas of them & we coteries - & cattle 
see it favourably in pastured space, The Creek’s 
good grace grows this grass assuredly they say 

And that is where we steal a scene or two; along 
with old grey mare who seamlessly blends in like 
she’s always been top of the heap - certainly her 
penchant for taking the last bow stands her apart 
from cattle she occasionally leads down the lane 
she sees as the main aisle to her theatre's stage 

©16 May 2015, I. D. Carswell

29 September 2015


That an idea all’s sweet because you’ve gotten 
to the ‘top of the heap’ doesn’t gel easy - pique 
tastes bitter as lemon gall when you get to see 
that observations you’d paid dearly for were an 
obfuscation of lesser-rung views from far-away 
ladders of unequal-opportunity deigned all real 
players trivial pursuit ascending on into etheric 
impressions of inexplicable discontinuity 

Who’s idea’s this, you mutter, as if explanation 
is possible without committing perjury: within a 
stated ambition you’d claimed to be the best in 
view - with your reward as retaining their faith - 
yet all you see is what the others gave in their 
unquestioning homage - as collateral to you

© 30 April 2015, I. D. Carswell

28 September 2015

England v Wales - RWC

What’s worse, watching Owen Farrell near kicking 
England to a porous victory over Wales, or seeing 
Mike Brown being the dork he epitomises with his 
dog-like intimidating-the-enemy efficiency; there’s 
no rest knowing Twickenham isn’t ‘rampant leeks’ 
happiest hunting ground recently by any means - 
tho at least Dan Biggar ably kept them on track in 
adding seven penalties to help win the prize 

A Welshman I’m saying doesn’t excuse a game’s 
pleasure being abused by forward-pack thuggery, 
no less wearing the Red Rose, ‘tho Wales’d do it 
in equal aplomb - if Referees suggest they’ll let it 
be; but thankfully, th’ Welsh 28 - 25 victory came 
from the mawkish way the English played … 

© 27 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

27 September 2015

Refresher Course

It is a twenty four hour refresher course in education
for the parentally recidivate; its instructors behave in 
time-honoured ways never forgot - and how can one 
write-off those experiences without loss of identity, - 
that essential veneer, the one which survival briefing 
& reprobates post-course revival refers accurately to 
as grandparental affectation for things ‘family’ being 
too hard to shuffle-off for a bit of ‘peace and quiet’ 

Alright, the tensions real enough to wipe away years 
of drought in a fractal randomness, but it was always 
hinged to whom you thought you were, and teachers 
confirm it in a moments embrace - they don’t say - or 
hint at, a case of where you fitted least; its merely an 
idea you’d best espouse what they say here & now 

And so they move on again, are entrained to another 
destinations way-point of growing up; and in that gap 
there’s silence, perhaps relief, yet ostentation leaves 
eerie emptiness already echoing with memories of a 
dessert-sweetness after the main course - yes, we’ll 
see them again, & well before they cease to teach 

© 14 April 2015, I. D. Carswell

26 September 2015

Making Space

Whether the aim is to create your own room or 
encourage others to give way - the idea is that 
you patent the space as yours; no sense living 
in a wake of no returns is there - being second 
in a ‘race’ you know you hadn’t entered seems 
so much an irony - especially in the view of its 
delinquency in not citing woods from trees - or 
of first place standing idly in the wrong space 

Yes - its the way you can view those schemes 
of seemly franchised egoism safe in an ‘entity’ 
brotherhood named common knowledge - but 
who haven’t felt obliged to solicit you into their 
frame of reference; but you shouldn’t see it as 
deference as you wouldn’t do it either 

The space you seek is the space you make ..

© 22 March 2015, I. D. Carswell

*In The Make by Narangkar Glover

25 September 2015


While nowhere near expert territory of an artisan 
but in-between obviously ‘crafted’ need for some 
common-sense and fey skill-at-hand obtained in 
doing many home-repairs, we’ve effected what’s 
necessary; the cupboard door will swing cleanly 
& close without having to be slammed. Well, it’s 
not exactly the bees-knees but has restored the
dignity lost seeing pots and pans in full view

But it won’t be registered as an achievement - if 
we’re gauging this effort, it’ll be finding all of the 
tools necessary for the job - & returning them to 
their appropriate homes, then cleaning up - any 
mess left obviously negates congratulations; or 
am I just being a dogmatically correct pedant 

© 24 June 2015, I. D. Carswell

24 September 2015

Gustatory Omnibus

That it’ll rain away most of the day hasn’t really 
bent things out of shape - knowing ‘the state of 
play’ meant there’d be no opportunities to bowl 
‘em out before lunch leant in favour of an even 
more engaging occasion - we’re feast-planning 
as if its ordinary; Black Angus beef and pepper 
pies were notionally the go but went by th’ bye, 
a quaint way of saying - ‘into the next round’ 

And so we’ve Diane-steeped ribeye in the slow 
cooker - there’re plans to add some delicacies, 
maybe pumpkin, certainly tomatoes later - and 
with State of Origin 2 booked for tonight, ideas 
of fine ragout, plus a discretionary glass of red 
or two top-off a rainy-day gustatory omnibus 

© 17 June 2015, I. D. Carswell

23 September 2015


The classification’s ‘retired’, meaning I’ve ceased to 
work, or lead a quiet, secluded life, reduced contact 
with other people implied, or am reserved & taciturn; 
okay, so I will be all of these, if it concerns me - just 
because you see requirements I will frolic footloose 
and fancy-free - surely there’ll never be agreement 
on how to play my foisted character-role - and if we 
don’t get a say we reserve a right to stroll away 

Then even if the truth is one’s comfort fits well with 
vistas of quiet seclusion, it is amidst drudgery you 
dramatise as ‘active’ life; thus there is an immense 
chasm adrift in seas of delusion about whose view 
bridges the gap between you seeing only that and 
what we imagine - having been there & written it 

© 15 May 2015, I. D. Carswell

22 September 2015

Sybarite Glory

The dreamtime wishes are in place and activated 
before 8 am; they weren’t too frivolous anyway, a 
festering need to defrost the chest freezer played 
for first place and succeeded easily - & one could 
see the reasoning, but that degraded a chance of 
success for the next; there’s a mass of class stuff 
in this freezer which one cannot access without a 
bit - as th’ saying goes, of hit & miss occasionally 

So now we’ve disposed the locations of some but 
dismayed patterns of memory of what was where 
or even in there - interesting though - making that  
cogent case again for an upright ice-chest; but it’ll 
be rested in the lees of success at least when the 
lost pumpkin soup blazes in sybarite glory tonite 

© 15 June 2015, I. D. Carswell

21 September 2015

The Gourmet Route

Been down th’ gourmet route for the dogs again, 
if there’s any shame in it they would probably let 
me know their way - a paw on the knee - an eye 
to eye gaze, that furtive woof; and the new lady, 
named Massey by the way, doesn’t have a view 
on taste like Podge professes, although she’s a 
far more enthused appreciator; better that she’s 
the one who says, woof - its OK - gimme more 

Podge grudgingly graces my efforts, when its a 
clean plate you’re a on winner but with abilities 
like his you’d need it in writing - he’s an expert 
at cadging the crust from your toast, delighting 
in its visceral consumption - leaving nothing to 
imagination; - so we’ll host a tasting and see 
© 19 May 2015, I. D. Carswell

Apparently it is okay - Podge had to be coaxed 
out from under the bed to test it, but a blend of 
pet mince, ground beef and mixed veg cooked 
with gravy mix is on the right road …

20 September 2015

Too Old Hat

If your name’s Eddie Jones you’re probably 
still indulging in incredibly sweet reveries & 
in the nicest possible way - on t’other hand 
if it’s Heyneke Meyer, even apologies to th’ 
South African people won’t be standing ‘im 
in their good books - that’s unless the Boks 
go on and win the 2015 Rugby World Cup, 
which you’d have to think is unlikely now

So the Japanese have made a rugby claim 
to credibility with a well played win over th’ 
Springboks, a team populated with the like 
of du Plessis, Habana, de Villiers, Matfield 
and Burger - who’ve been there, done that 
too much perhaps, maybe are too old hat 

© 20 September 2015, I D. Carswell

Japan 34 - South Africa 32

Bureaucratic Analogy

Simply categorising them egocentric, arrogant &
obviously self-referenced won't impress any new, 
or otherwise ambient, views of our politicians: so 
we see ‘em grafted on a bureaucratic analogy; & 
submitting it’s an honourable treelike living entity 
with ‘roots’ deep as unfettered imagination pales 
beyond the caul of ranked tenability; if we’re the 
cause of this beast’s invention - then RIP 

And we can say the same for the litany of blanks 
filling administrative space claimed to be by rigid 
public service selection planks; they are recycled 
specimens of retrogression even less likely to be 
sanely animate than gay top-of-tree ‘ballot’ boys 
whose arbiter-dispensed succession-plan ideals 

claim credibility only they can understand …

© 16 June 2015, I. D. Carswell

19 September 2015

Ark Morayfield

Well hey, we didn’t create the Morayfield flood-plain 
you bloody built it on, nor are we to blame for rain it 
attracts; it’d’ve been obvious to anyone who looked 
without ‘dollar signs’ for eyes, that what existed had 
massively apprised snags as facts, like where does 
the excess of water flow to when there’s lots of rain; 
well actually, basement carparks - so-called ‘drains’ 
ably assisting speedy backfilling - when the creek 

Floods only cessation of rain allows it to flow away; 
saying ‘we just need to be patient, there’s really no 
danger’ doesn’t spell out why roads become rivers 
for the time being or until the creek gets enough of 
relief to ease th’ H2O backlog out of a pond where 
idiots built an Ark substitute we know as Morayfield 

© 2 May 2015, I. D. Carswell

18 September 2015


There is a sustenance of success in keeping well 
clear of the thresh - in this instance its where that 
old storeroom blends technically into a new study; 
your workplace my dear, she says portentously, & 
leaves it hanging like a bird in a cage, - continues 
drilling & hammering with devoted intensity you’re 
becoming used to; tho’ you can see there’s a plan 
it isn’t like that which you thought began this act 

Then the latest strategy reveals itself in a need to 
reorganise these broadband satellite feeder cable 
alignments away from its current ‘spare’ bedroom 
containment, - back to where it used to be before 
the study became a darkly ‘pre-history storeroom’ 
away in those mysteriously opaque middle ages

© 29 July 2015, I. D. Carswell

17 September 2015

Savaged Virtually

Yeah, been a hard few days - like here we are 
dealing with weather effects; it is not always a 
case of too much or little - sometimes what’s in 
between the worst’s less appealing; mozzies ‘n 
midges for instance, spent hours easing itching, 
it wouldn’t be a concern normally, there’s ‘deet’ 
to rub on or spray before th’ deed but mortien’s 
an excuse after you’d been bitten disgracefully 

Or is it savaged virtually; then the situation of a 
bathroom ceiling collapsing, & that’s a bitch on 
a weekday before Easter; dammit you say - the 
rain’s eased, there’s no justice, we are going to 
appeal - but you clean up the yucky mess as a 
dutiful non-believer - and plan its resurrection 

It’s now Easter Monday, our Family’s lent us a 
benevolently magnanimous hand; - we’ve got 
it back in place - risen from th’ dead you could 
say - lots of fuss in balancing acts with screws 
& glue while dancing on trestles and ladders - 
but better than viewing a termite devastation's

graphic nudity effects - its a mortification from 
the left field - yet we’re blessed a success in 
ceiling restoration - & thus can rest in peace 

© 6 April 2015, I. D. Carswell

16 September 2015

The Bet

There’s the irony, to be au fait declines naivety 
unless you fake the openness which breaks or 
bends the thought you’d had a hand in it; they 
say that silence is a wise defence, unless that 
hint of guilt it bides connects a turning tide, oy 
vey - am I that obvious suggests you knew, or 
paid a backhand compliment cognoscenti see 
as A OK within the sense you’ve just abused 

And then there’s me - not innocent at least as 
far as being open when it matters can assist - 
but deference implies you’re wiser than those 
staring, star-crossed eyes surmised, - & that’s 
a trap you won’t survive without a safety net - 
and thus the bet will never need be paid 

© 19 March 2015, I. D. Carswell