22 October 2014


Finding that space where all words blend 
easy again ain't the sinecure it used to be; 
it takes a slower pace with plan change & 
interpolated ideas less their disgracefully
inherent anxieties displayed graphically 

But by scribing yourself mental sanctuary 
regardless you demolish what might have 
prevailed as cause for sufficiency; yet if it 
still dithers without real purpose - then off 
with its head quick and back to this earth 

So here are we with headless objections 
piled messily between us and where we 
are supposed to breathe; structures with 
purpose as walls of regret retaining what 
supposedly wasn’t enabled for us; like I 

Say, it isn’t easy to find that space - but 
I’m at peace with a process advancing a 
pace where relief will be the next track’s 
bend because I made it that way - in an 
unrelenting quest for sense of stability 

© 29 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

21 October 2014

Shopping Relief

Survived Georgia’s initial remain-home and 
watch-movies decision while Cathy ’n Gran 
were shopping; it may’ve been a mission to 
test my resolve, but then the idea palled on 
a thought she might miss a Bunnings visit - 
reconsidering involved no stress that we’d 
discern, and she was up running to dress - 
without a display of contingent regret 

To suggest it was not an ominous occasion 
may not be too far from the truth although I 
am legacy to a new level of consideration - 
the good faith embraced by a staying here 
choice erased all manly gains professed in 
relief of being freed from their girly’s quest 

© 3 October 2014, I. D. Carswell

20 October 2014

Its Business

So there’s a business at back of it - and you’d 
bet large sums are changing hands; - arms & 
ammunition exist as receipts of solidity with a 
unending supply of radicals to bear them. It’s 
no chimaera, nor is it an accurate expression 
of Islam. We’re finally hearing the moderates 
voicing their concerns in increasing volume - 
all without doubt, an effect of the price of oil 

That what its about - the notion of an Islamic 
State built out of Syria & Iraq and ‘funded’ by 
the now not so ubiquitous Gulf State Sheiks 
lottery isn’t ridiculous - innocuous, sure - but 
rationally where else does the flow originate; 
and with all that free Jihadi labour - why not! 

© 24 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

19 October 2014


It is an invidious mutation of insomnia - not 
that I can’t sleep - or don’t, but the fear’s in 
awe of what happens if you’re not ‘aware’ - 

So I’m awake worrying where this will lead, 
awake in the sense I’m at least not asleep - 
concerned I’m not ready to be ‘elsewhere’ 

And there’s the dilemma; ‘here’ is going to 
cease, nothing can alter its passing into an 
another place - not even me when I awake 

But being aware hasn’t made this here any 
easier to depart from - was always there; if 
you awoke, supposedly in consciousness, 

The same things crowded in to greet you, it 
was always the way it seemed; now I’m lost 
imagining where it’ll go; There’ll have to be 

Space and solidity to awaken in, guarantee 
that and I’ll be really pleased - if somewhat 
bereaved - but I can live with that, easily… 

© 24 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

18 October 2014


Great friendship lasts beyond amend’s pale - it is 
intimacies only true form of familiarity - but, sadly 
where its benefice ends is that tragical beginning 
of anomie. And here it is the case, you’ve cast all 
pretence of it aside like a reckoning will never be, 
for grace of continued affinity won’t dissuade you 
desiring larger space, that you claim lost against 
induced distaste inimical to connubial efficacy 

It is an overwhelming indictment - measured in a 
manner where what you achieve supersedes any 
matrix of generous rapport, too much liability you 
are heard to digress, and for what it furnishes I’d 
best be freed its omnipresence; you’ve flown the 
coup for a song without words sung where solo 

Voices assure peace of mind, no less a dirge for 
friendship’s quivering death; pardon me in being 
bereft please - ours was a friendship sublime - if 
only in my mind, yet it grew into a partnership of 
consideration you traded as if there never was a 
mutual dependancy clear from whence it came 

C’est la vie I’m supposed to say, while worrying 
what’s become of a person who befriended me 
until her need faded - and then flew away … 

© 2 October 2014, I. D. Carswell

17 October 2014

A Bit Like Saying …

A bit like saying - before you lose context, get used to 
this - you’re not the first; well golly - as if it is pertinent 
and explains the meaning of your predicament; every
darn thing seems to have exemplars somewhere - an 
out-of-role character making pithy observations you’d 
decided is a damn menace; so what if I’m not the 1st, 
it’s MY quandary isn’t it, I can view it however the hell 
I like - so we’ll leave it there, and move on, won’t we 

Or will we debate whether there is a debate to this, a 
free-range accusatory smorgasbord where we pick & 
choose gobbets of deranged delusion using them as 
clubs and spears to gain the upper hand; be clubbed 
or be dubbed, stands to reason that treasonous acts 
forsake this debacle’s simpering shebang of a wake 

While the nub of it stays deaf to fidelity’s ache … 

© 6 October 2014, I. D. Carswell

16 October 2014

Cupboard’s Not Bare

On the brighter side - there’s a moment’s glow 
to brighten what you’d swear is dourly grey - a 
pair of specs unsighted since Tuesday tho’ not 
organic to this search appear as if by magic, a 
bonus of partial success; smarter surely to see 
what you’re actually looking for, but only if you 
seriously knew where to really commence that 
stolid implementation of a ‘looking for’ plan 

You didn’t think to query said specs lying on a 
spare room bed - you seek an overdue library 
book you last saw on your lounge-chair table - 
before our lounge room re-design began. With 
redecorator expertise she happened to have 
slept in this particular bed 

The book and specs are connected of course, 
would’ve been side by side in the lounge - but 
no book is here, so where to next; the recheck 
of overdue library notices reveals the book I’m 
seeking isn’t the one on their agenda but it is 
indeed another which I vaguely remember 

It goes from bad to worse you reflect - yet the 
overdue miscreant is traced easily because it 
remained in your bedroom; so the dilemma’s 
exactly where would she have laid away the 
remainder of the lounge room library - and its 
answer is anywhere with out-of-view space 

There are wardrobes, drawers and cabinets 
galore awaiting your grace - and blissfully 
the cupboard’s here were never that bare … 

© 30 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

15 October 2014


The bees break a monotony you wouldn’t 
test as sacrosanct; all as busy as, and all 
insistent they’ll need water in the birdbath 
 - it’s a display of pertinacity I cannot fake 
an interest in; when taking a spell from an 
unenviable task of nectar gathering, they 
circle the thin water smear, skating to the 
edges in controlled live-puddle-landings 

stopping and sampling moisture I’ve been 
surreptitiously adding; it is amazing - I am 
ignored now as another non-invasive part 
of the whole scene - or they reason it that 
way, slaking their fill, and flying off in their 
inimitable display of bee-busy-ness 

© 4 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

14 October 2014

Finals, Again

Its that time of year again, games down 
to th’ final few before we’ll see who’ll be 
th’ champs or languish as the also-rans; 
whichever way you’re set no doubt’ll get 
your blood a-roar - altho’ there is a slew 
who couldn’t give a ‘ballyhoo' who wore 
th’ crown or drew the shorter straw; and 
in that breath for vanity we all withdraw 

It ain’t my team by ‘faith’ you’ll jeer with  
reason-soaked profanities we voiced in 
jest because we can; and when th’ final 
whistle blends frenzied seasons quests 
in innuendos left t’ dry you’ll be a wiser 
goose again - & heed th’ karma why
© 7 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

13 October 2014

Grinding Again

To suggest I actually ‘fixed’ the electric salt grinder 
behests a belief I may have had some idea I knew 
how to; that’s so far from the truth, the facts are all 
I could be sure of was it didn’t do what it ought, so 
we dissembled it to see why. Only six tiny screws - 
but a finicky process of optical screwdriver use, no 
regular Phillips would do; but there was nothing to 
obviously state with clarity ‘here’s th’ cause mate’ 

So we reassemble it patiently, learning the spring-
loaded pieces will only go together the one way; a 
lot of curses ensue, plus impromptu ‘modification’ 
of the small optical driver - then we’re altogether - 
although not in the sense of unity - press go - and 
gee whiz, it whirred - began salt grinding again! 

© 13 October 2014, I. D. Carswell

12 October 2014

Chivalry Test

Tempted to give it the bird - in their manner of 
thinking the insult’s from lacking chivalry; aha, 
you’d mean ‘finger’ I guess - that’d be a once- 
only gesture of discourteousness categorically 
registered in bigwig minds unappreciative of a 
view they’re playing dipstick ineffectually; who 
it was invented such simple insulting etiquette 
should be hallowed eternally a good example 

So you do your best; they don’t notice at first, 
there’s a problem with the finger on the hand 
you’re gesturing with, they suggest its far too 
bent - being an indication of disability - which 
means you’re at the wrong desk - take a first 
turn left and follow the corridor to the end 

Seems you failed the chivalry test … 

© 8 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

11 October 2014

Strains Of Humanity

If we can’t see stupidity dressed in a suitcase 
of lies we shouldn’t travel guide; nor can it be 
okay reading children’s fables averring there’s 
miracles awaiting any enabling its key, tho’ not 
practically of course, its a metaphor for seeing 
beyond timbre of words; - yet in this day & age 
we’re supposed to keep clear of those radicals’ 
inhumane acts as pursuits of their holiness 

That secularity isn’t a misspelling of ‘gagged’ is 
anathema to fundamentalist belief - any theism 
commandeers deistic relief, but there’s still only 
one faith when you get down to it - and that’s if 
you can imagine it - it exists to believe in, but if 
you’re not of it then it may mean you don’t exist  

So I say the words which make me who I am in 
my own form of piety and they seem clear - not 
in the way of radical or extremist believers who 
cannot hear songs of the universe; it’s too rank 
a perversion of secular ideology for their favour 
but both my ears tune, hear and savour it well 

And there I hear humanity’s strains - alive and  
well as ever, with their command to see to the 
barbarism of these inhuman beasts killing in a 
merciless display of their alleged sacredness
take ‘em away comes a heartfelt plea, they’ll 
never belong to our human race 

© 19 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

10 October 2014

Oblique Obligations

So the first thing I try is to write a new document
I find it is as easy as always - and not a bind on 
that fragile self-image where I'm held in thrall to 
whomever I thought I was; there in an instant a 
vision appraises me as I am - I see this version 
isn't given over to self-delusion, unusual for me, 
and I agree it does disconcert to be so damned 
complacent about it without being overly fazed 

But it is the way it was always going to be, now 
I must get used to this new sense of proportion 
without becoming addicted - it won't be all that 
easy to not be wooed disdainfully, so I must be 
a Devil's advocate if I'm to survive a regime too 
amazing to be other than oblique obligations 

© 8 September 2013, I. D. Carswell

09 October 2014

Ebbs To Grey

Not an easy way to spend an afternoon - but 
then the chances of the Lions making mince 
of Makos wasn’t one with betting odds you’d 
ride, and even though I’d really tried to see it 
as it played the Tasman crew eschewed their 
usual role to beat their neighbours with √©lan - 
I’d add panache to that, and Wellington, alas 
just crashed in greasy flames & sadly died 

I couldn’t justify the way my team had played 
in losing to the better side - but then this year 
they’ve yet to win a game; for sure they tried - 
but coming ‘second’ doesn’t make that grade 
no matter if a single point away - there’s pain 
ahead before this rugby season ebbs to grey 
© 21 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

For the record, Tasman Makos beat Wellington 
Lions 42 - 20 in their Sunday ITM Cup match 

08 October 2014

Being In The Know

Don’t know whether the confusion over our ATO 
on-line security is an abuse of privilege or more 
an arrangement to ensure they stay ahead - it’s 
in an age when tax connections still bleed large 
slices of time in excess of whatever you owe or 
are owed, while the phone-call bathos you earn 
from a query has you pound keys; their ‘secure’ 
version re-establishes who is in ascendency 

And all this on a day when National Security is 
Richter Scale; radical Muslim arrests and sites 
raided, public decapitation thwarted or so it’s 
claimed - drear recitations of things you won’t 
believe could be planned by an Australian who 
didn’t know to propose executions for ATO* 
© 18 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

* Australian Tax Office

07 October 2014

Sales Pitch

Just a wee bit o’ cleaning, nothing too 
dramatic; dust, cobwebs, you’ll knock 
it over in an hour. For sure, it’s simply 
window dressing, except for an adroit 
accumulation of stuff which, wily in its 
precision, outmanoeuvres you. Ah, so 
where in echoes of its diluted silence 
does all this crap go now you ask

You’d expect an incriminating reply to
say - wherever you create the space 
with an innocuous codicil - it mustn’t  
encroach on anything else; what, on 
the Planet? Maybe, or its new-speak 
articulation of ‘your problem mate’ 

So we play the game; five hours later 
we’ve distanced all regulations, what 
had seemed impossible truly was so 
despite the cleaning definition; we’re 
now redesigning how things ‘look’, a 
question to an enduring silence 

& precocious observation - it says we 
weren’t cleaning per se, but ‘creating’ 
a scene. Yep, is the frisson of reason, 
that which was lived in is now a place 
we’d want others to see; so go ahead 
salesman, take pictures creatively 

© 16 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

06 October 2014

After The Event

The anticlimax of an intractably dull 
event isn’t exactly all its cracked up 
to be, there’s disappointment, those 
non-event yawns of disillusionment - 
a comedown as reality appeals to its 
mawkish sense of bathos and fails - 
damp-squibishly I might add with no 
resounding bang, more a tame and 

gelid whimper - but therein you see 
the reasoning with clarity of a sane 
moment; - it wasn’t supposed to be 
wasted opportunity, after-the-event 
event or whatever you conclude, & 
if it taught you anything you lose 

© 17 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

05 October 2014

Freed Of Veridical Doubt

Aljazeera doesn’t mix metaphors when presenting 
their version of the news - everything fits formulae 
in a Qatar-approved uncompromising view, - who 
or what matters - or how it is pretentiously offered 
unashamedly follows biassed ‘etiquette' you don't 
find in Western media; but that they can’t deviate 
defending Arabian-set bigotry doesn’t mean its all 
sham any less than Murdoch’s newsworthy scam 

Coz that’s where the standards were razed; but a 
panache of tidily-filmed Arabic demonstrations by 
large, well-drilled protestor assemblies sublimely 
acting roles, suggests their imagination is waived 
accountability; even badinage elongated to such 
limits becomes trite and banal, falling flat; which

May explain indiscretion funding by alma maters 
such - just from whom - and for what purpose to 
be newsworthy, & thus freed of veridical doubt 

© 9 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

04 October 2014

In A Nutshell

Finding energy left is a grim assessment test; so 
how on earth did you come this far on empty - to 
best even enhanced imagination? Yes - you had 
plenty back an age when the game was a full-on 
occupation, trading surpluses like commodities - 
scarcely as engaging then as it seems now - the 
worry is whether you can find a reason sufficient 
to bother reactivating all those rituals involved 

But it would solve most of your problems - where 
due ceremony bleaches clean you see beginning 
and ending entwined like an obvious answer; too 
much pomp and dance obscures why you’ll seek 
almost any chance to determine where you're at; 
in a nutshell, and that’s what’s making demands 

© 10 September 2014, I. D. Carswell

03 October 2014


Not and never likely to be the complete load 
off your back but it eases the burden - that’s 
like wary hatchet-burying enough to please, 
a turn of phrase you understand without an 
oblique complicity of usual innuendo; not in 
anyone’s head so to speak - it becomes an 
importantly discrete way-point, a milestone 
ascribing sanity anew to this journey back 

Tension ebbs thru a touch of relief - humour 
sparkles cheeky again - if there is to be any  
incongruity it rests in not letting the past be 
freed of imagined guilt; there’s no ‘entity’ to 
contend less clandestine bytes whose size 
was selectively enhanced in your memory 

© 12 September 2014, I. D. Carswell