14 February 2016


Amazin’ how those olden places ever filled 
with familiar faces still intrigue, went back t’ 
see th’ gang we knew for years; stall-holder 
or pergola marketeers we were back then - 
well, as we’ve retired, belatedly; tho’ they’ll 
decree a welcome never ends. Caboolture 
Market was the Sunday’s reminisce & best 
pretends that it retains thematic hospitality 

Few things have changed thru 20 years; if 
what was true back then pertains today, at 
least a customer will be respected as that 
guest you needed greet, not as th’ bloody 
pest who’d spoil your tea - gawking at the 
fruit display suggests a question stands - 

And even if you cannot understand those 
queries hinted at, the theme remains that 
helpfulness reflects the best of them and 
we; it’s how I’ve always seen it be - & we 
were there to see it grandly played again 
just ever like we’d really never left 
© 11 October 2015, I. D. Carswell

13 February 2016

That Cleaning

This cleaning caper takes more’n the disequilibrium it 
makes non-negotiable - yeah, you do what you see is 
necessary - usually more than the description entails - 
certainly as view of who’s in nooks & crannies looking 
diverges from said ‘clean & orderly ideas’ - overstated 
to tediousness may we stress because they haven’t a 
clue what’s actually under there; and that is where we 
vehemently ding the nickel because its flaccid crap 

Rat and mouse turds accumulate mostly where you’d 
never look - under the fridge, dishwasher, cooler, etc, 
and because shifting ‘em’s a chore you only see their 
evidently ‘solitary signatures’ out in vacuum cleaners 
territory - so beware! - it’s a salutary lesson in whose 
notions habitually mean they don’t do that cleaning 
© 12 October 2015, I. D. Carswell

12 February 2016

Rang Verdant

Believe it, there’s a time when you don’t need th’ 
strains of Country music; & it doesn’t mean you’ll 
not breathe moving to th’ sway of Walmart ideas, 
not given that they’ll actually play on brainpower 
with panache - any more than the rest of a chain 
mentality but we’re too easily dismayed by those 
pictures of a few fat unfashionable and obviously 
badly-dressed shoppers who epitomise what we 

Don’t like to view - so I make a plea, lets not let 
it become a regressive standard that ever tests 
the best in tolerance - there’s a history of grand 
compositions standing free of tawdriness; or is 
that what we left in the aisle when its first note 
rang verdant, synchronous with open spaces 
© 17 October 2015, I. D. Carswell

11 February 2016


Thinking you’re getting away with the minimum 
isn’t in this iteration of what drives men crazy - 
there’s the long planning sequence you missed 
to begin with; was it psychopathic, yet kept at a 
super-defused level of intransigence, of maybe 
secret latency you’d better get used to; for sure 
you’re trapped in it with 24 hours still to endure 
before the legal moment of emotional release 

You can complain, gee, it’s only Fathers Day, if 
that sort of insanity’s defence is being as weak 
minded as a nexus of ridiculous; reality says its 
everyones day to celebrate, otherwise you’ll be 
sipping a coldie watching the footie solo mate - 
it sometimes happens on the aforementioned

Then there’s the grander view; where our fairer 
sex’ demands aren’t negotiable because family 
considerations superordinate, and you’re stuck 
with it, so you’re into your rostered duty; prawn 
preparation & meat marination plus mushroom 
dip jus for the whole gang. At least it doesn’t, 

As yet, include ‘house grooming and cleaning’, 
which progresses with vapidness deflating the
evanescence you’d like to redress as soon as 
safe to do so; & meantime you keep in motion 
to defeat observations you’re bloody idle - the 
irony is, tomorrow’s your bloody birthday 
© 5 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

10 February 2016

RWC & Celebrations

I am supposed to somehow be impressed with a 
slo-mo replay excess of ‘Boks tries scored in the 
match against USA; yeah, there were a few, with 
64 - 0 being the final score - but Bryan Habana’s 
theatrics effectively put me off more than having 
to watch Charlie Sheen being unforgivably what 
he is; gee Bryan - take a look at how adolescent 
you were, and get back on the planet, quickly 

Maybe it’s relief after a deserved Japanese slap 
to the teeth caused deep-seated anxiety - fears 
that turned into a manic bravado, but make less 
sense in bigger schemes of things; and there’re 
more trials to endure yet, so lauding an obvious 
trashing doesn’t get to ring the right bells 

But then we are probably seeing different ends - 
reputations gelled out of the pool games - which 
means there’s more at stake than a simple view 
equating to expectations - what it tells us is that 
it isn’t over until the last whistle; & so I suppose 
it makes sense to celebrate while you can … 
© 15 October 2015, I. D. Carswell

09 February 2016


It came a day earlier than the plan actually 
anticipated & with explanatory antecedent
not exactly rumour-endowed - or even the 
logical draft, well not for me; as lame duck 
adrift on this occasion, parsing a spoof by 
playing daft doesn’t pay dividends - not if 
you want the day to have meaning; that’s 
what birthday’s are supposed to be

Thus Saturday came a surprise - a coffee
visit supposedly, unexplained just in case 
our two lads were late arriving from NSW - 
it was the way they planned th’ morning; I 
hadn’t anticipated my sons’ arrival, so can 
bless intrigue so clandestinely discrete 

Sunday was to be my 70th birthday, yet it 
arrived sooner than its granted tacit plan; 
but we’d never want to change a thing, in 
reality this surprise decorated space we’d 
recently painted but with greater nostalgic 
beauty than we’d have ever dreamed 
© 7 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

08 February 2016

The Explanation

Thus we begin the day with a diatribe by me ol’ 
mate Th’ Bott, in London for crissake, grizzling 
about asylum seekers, saying it’s not on letting 
‘em run away from their responsibilities; where 
did he get aboard you’d like to ask - and why’s 
he dually exposed himself to vitriolic ridicule 

Not that we’re unused to seeing him muddying 
the pool - its a predilection he’s infamous for - 
and in his own misanthropic way shifts a focus 
that was badly off-beam - but telling European 
Leaders what’s wrong about it still seems a bit 
off-putting to people who’re trying for unity 

Then we’ve the Yank Navy sailing a patrol into 
disputed territory with Chinese spitting phlegm 
about who’s in th’ wrong and has to pay for its 
blatant, as if they’d know th’ difference, breech 
of international diplomacy & we head-shake in 
an approved way, saying - no comment 

Geeze, it is only Wednesday - and 2015 RWC 
final’s four days away, where the whole genus 
of what is fair, right and real will be decided by 
Australia and New Zealand on a field in, bless 
‘em, Twickenham, London which explains why 
Th’ Bott - our ex-PM’s over there & gibbering 
© 28 October 2015, I. D. Carswell

07 February 2016


So, if I’m thinking straight, there’s an anomaly 
here that needs investigation; and, no, it isn’t 
accusation you’re to blame - we’re altogether 
in this unfortunately & whatever transpires is 
both our burdens to bear. While its your third-
event invasion we’ll deal with it - like a curse 
emblazoned across our horizons - menacing 
all our accustomed freedoms far too visibly

Yes - you’re still assured your independence; 
we’ll never be a one-vehicle family - I’ll retire 
to a 4WD electric scooter before accepting a 
wheelchair; and I agree th’ ute’s yours for the 
time being until we’ve solved the BMW’s flat 
tire conundrum & while Mazie’s un-repaired 

And the just appeared ute’s ‘instrumentation’ 
aberration can’t make Mazda Mazies loss an 
easy-to-bear event. Okay, once there were 3 
options, now we’re down to Hobson’s choice 
about what goes; so I’d guess fixing the run-
flat tire - with the rest all ever to be leftovers 
© 30 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

06 February 2016

Until Saturday

So, what if you begin to believe the team you 
knew was destined to win - has disappeared
it is not really tenable of course - there is no 
lack of physical presence - tho’ in the hottest-
debate-topic weighed sense, it’s risibly faded 
from the moment like an ‘estranged’ foible of 
that hitherto unnamed singularity deemed an 
off-odds favourite of the on-course wagers

Vested media interests present it with a faux 
magnanimity as a Winner takes all contest -  
it sums up their credibility; but to ensure the 
bets flow there’s need for manipulation - so 
we see what they’d have us believe is how 
things grow naturally into an engagement 

The interviews amaze, they’re conducted so 
eruditely; now really, do we need wait for the 
game’s completion to collect our winnings & 
ken how we were manipulated - or is it true 
that my Team has disappeared, but by their 
choice, and then only until Saturday
© 29 October 2015, I. D. Carswell 

05 February 2016

Pea, Pie n’ Pud

Lunching on sourdough & ham isn’t that easy - 
we’re back of a week’s culinary grace, leftover 
tastes from amazing dishes - and you shiver in 
recall - but it can’t stay that way. Plebeian may 
not be the right accusation tho’ it says where a 
wise exit leads, so pea, pie n’ pud seems okay, 
at least ritually, to reacquaint ourselves with an 
icon from the Pie Cart - and whence we came 

Chicken Biryani in front of TV ( - watching 2015 
RWC, day 3) didn’t set off alarm bells, that’s an 
out I guess but all that was left for lunch did - a 
ham sanger meant in th’ circumstances even a 
Pie Cart dinner’d be an awesome blessing - so 
mashed potato, peas and meat pies’ll prevail 
© 23 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

04 February 2016

Almost Explains

63 minutes in to the opening RWC match 
and we’re seeing the same old, same old 
boorish & brash English tactics; well they 
are playing Fiji, who’re understandably in 
an underwhelmed state and a bit peeved 
the Poms don’t play the game like they’d 
have a want; so, while the game isn’t the 
bees knees of perfection it has moments 

Reminding you of The Match you play in 
Heaven - until seeing the English Coach 
Stuart Lancaster’s penchant for showing 
lemon-tinctured ‘expression’ until they’re 
moments away from their 35 - 11 victory, 
then smiling when it almost explains 
© 19 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

03 February 2016

Cheese Delivery

It’s that time of year again - mice are explaining 
what matters & training us to comply - suppose 
the posited equation we’ve denied’s actually an 
obvious faeces placement saying we’d like you 
to feed us here - finding these bon mots on the 
table is too extreme so they don’t do ‘em there - 
the bench is th’ right place, next to th’ expresso 
machine, with tacitly “coffee too” expectations 

It’s too de rigeuer an occasion to fail to comply; 
we’ve found all correct nibbles equating to their 
epicure, placing where they’ve demanded, and 
asked they cease leaving residue; - there is yet 
to be a consensus reply - although our delivery 
of cheese methodology’s clearly been denied
© 19 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

02 February 2016

B&W Revenge

After being invited to a Kookaburra-calling-contest 
and playing th’ role to the best of limited ability, it’s 
quite clear the three birds involved had set me up; 
maybe Podge had uttered something they’d taken 
exception to, he’s snarked barking furiously under 
the tree they use for their conferences, while they 
are flying raucous circuits and jeering at me; okay 
I reply in th’ local parlance, like haw hey-hey haw 

That’s when they fly away & there’s a little giggle 
in the air as if, well - he’s not worth the effort, eh! 
So I’m left with the supposition they’d ‘set’ me up 
while Podge played the patsy - intriguing as it is I 
will stay neutral as long as th’ noise abates when 
the sun sets - after that it’s the B&W* revenge 
© 29 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

* Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers

01 February 2016

The Aftermath

This lethargy steers past any idea of awakening 
to a new age; that doesn’t say a numbness that 
dispirits - there’s still vestigial energies left there 
yet to grow limbs enough and climb from pits of 
despair; what we need’s an icon in thinking that 
abets distress from doldrums left living too near 
the rakish edge; we’re not of the celestial breed 
yet we’d float to be freed its meditative space 

So if there’s a contest - perhaps a foot race for 
agile thinkers, we’re into the money again; and 
back where we were, with an early advantage - 
who’s going to complain when you answer the 
trick question, you wouldn’t be here if knowing 
its right response said you’d be free to leave 
© 10 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

31 January 2016

Proper Porridge

The tension’s unbelievably extreme - USA 
is not dreaming a pretence of winning the 
match, while Scotland’s defence against a 
vigorous attacking plan seems lacking - in 
a similar sense the Scots may overwhelm 
the Yanks driving the ball at their line in a 
similar robust way; yet physicality’s 100% 
without the niggles of foul engagement 

Well, so far anyway - & we’re 70 minutes 
into th’ entanglement; let it be said that a 
32 - 16 scoreline doesn’t flatter the Scots 
as the Team to beat while it suggests the 
Yanks are making th’ grade with the elite, 
but time’s again been wrested too lean 
© 28 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

Final score: Scotland 39 - USA 16 

30 January 2016

First Day

This is the first creative day at my new desk, not in 
the least like the spare bedroom - though the test’s 
measured best by what is produced in the venture; 
probably I’d say that will be little or nothing initially, 
I feel some way from a relaxed comfort level that’s 
like at a table of plenty, there’s too many variables, 
posture for starters, and keyboard height and level 
with screen in front of me as clear and easily read 

But I have a legacy; somewhere in that drear past 
I reflect upon occasionally transition-making aides 
await their indenture, & it’ll be less of a trial - more 
an adventure; while thinking this way allays onset 
of despair it also says adapt quickly, or you’ll bear 
the umbrage of years of creative trepidation 
© 8 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

29 January 2016

Star Sign

You know, I don’t really care what your Astrogenic 
‘star sign’ throws into the wind, it is a scene where 
whatever I am is disgraced by analogy in terms of 
failed appreciation of the ebulliently natural vitality 
these mad dashes generate - that I’m somewhere 
else in a sense of grasping the precious moment; 
yeah for sure - wearing a flack vest when the shit 
hits the fan tells long of that be-fraught history 

Yet I can dance in the breeze without a thought - 
you won’t see it as the same expression - not for 
the reasons of a whim and a prayer; there’s only 
your way to tend the conflagration when an urge 
witlessly wears caution silent & the moment’s all 
you need to show that proof’s reincarnation 
© 21 October 2015, I. D. Carswell

28 January 2016

Story Bridge

The bridge isn’t the foundation of this malaise, but 
it’s location has a way of positing what we’d see in 
evidence; there’s no way 277 bridge suicides from 
leaping off Brisbane River bridges is ‘causal’ claim 
to the penchant - and that’s only since the 1990s - 
but we have seen reductions with barriers evident; 
it isn’t difficult to digress from statistical arguments 
to damning a Council’s intransigence to erect ‘em

But this is the Story Bridge we’re talking about, an 
icon at its 75th anniversary; if four workers died of 
decompression accidents during construction, the
reasoning ended there, it doesn’t mean the bridge
somehow caused a curse to remain, anything but 
yet in a sense it left a legacy for Council to bear 

Finally, in its 75th year - barriers are on the way 
© 22 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

Brisbane has 15 bridges across the metropolitan area of river

27 January 2016

Duly Impressed

And you gratuitously get, what possessed you to 
try that trick from th’ sideline mob, though its just 
as amazing to you too, but who’d’ve guess there 
wasn’t a plan at back of it; not that you’d admit it 
for free altho’ the idea came spontaneously, and 
without any in-depth analysis, but now the green 
light’s on proclaiming th’ Wi Fi network’s actually 
a goer - though lacking an active Web connect 

Your main’s switch re-activation was what did it …  

You'll add, ‘however, nothing else works’ - but it’d 
be sotto voce; all you’ve achieved is a green light 
glowing steadily where it used to blink orange - & 
who’d think that is relevant if it doesn't get close 
to impressing a comatose-with-awe but bored-to-
trance denizens of broadband satellite provision
© 29 October 2015, I. D. Carswell

26 January 2016

Trumped Again

Call me naive if you must - but it’s what I’d have to be 
to vote for, or trust I’d be represented sincerely by his 
eminence Donald Trump; I’ll guarantee one thing that 
he will do well though, represent his own interests, he 
has done it endlessly with grand panache; - and thus 
we’d need to find a niche in his purview of leadership 
which permits us to exist - and learn what it means in 
his singular reality before bequeathing him the keys 

That isn’t to say he couldn’t do a good job of running 
USA, you already believe he’s doing it clandestinely; 
or am I misrepresenting the ‘wrong’ signals received 
ingenuously via vested media interests - all hell-bent 
playing their innocuous viewer-coverage games - so 
obviously the same tactics of th’ Big Kahuna too 

© 25 January 2016, I. D. Carswell